A Distress Signal

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A Distress Signal is the sixth level of Mini Ninjas. Shun is first found on this level.


It is now after dusk and Hiro heads down the path where comes to riverbed where he finds a Tengu waiting and lanterns floating down the river. The Tengu states that the lanterns are a distress signal being sent by the river up river meaning their in grave danger and require aid. Continuing one towards the village; Hiro finds a Samurai encampment and Monk waiting.

The Monk uses Kuji Magic to turn animals into Samurai and is protected by a magic shield. In order to defeat the Monk; Hiro must first deactivate the Monk's shield by sending the Monk's spell back at him. Ounce the shield is down; the Monk will become stunned giving Hiro a short window of opportunity to defeat the Monk otherwise the Monk will regain his strength and re-activate his shield. Players should be advised not to defeat other Samurai or free the caged animals around the camp because the Monk will simply keep turning them into Samurai (freeing a bear will allow the Monk to transform the creature into a Samurai Clubsmen).

Hiro continues on down the trail and the level ends.