are the primary antagonists of the game Mini Ninjas. They are led by the Samurai Warlord until his destruction.


An army of Samurai was led by the Samurai Warlord three hundred years before the events of the game which were disbanded after his defeat. It is unknown how or when he created this army.

Closer towards the beginning of the game, the Warlord began turning animals into Samurai and using them to gather more animals for this purpose. He reoccupied his old castles and began terrorizing the villagers living in the flatlands. However, such use of Kuji magic caused great disturbances and angered the gods, who created gigantic storms and causing floods and earthquakes that threatened to destroy the world.

The Samurai were also responsible for the disappearances of most of Hiro's friends, capturing them mid-journey and imprisoning them. However, Hiro and his friend Futo freed them all and defeated the Samurai, including the Samurai Warlord. After the latter's defeat, the remaining Samurai armies were changed back into forest animals without the effects of Kuji magic to maintain their appearance.

Towards the end of the game, Hiro gains the ability to use his Spirit Form power on the smaller Samurai. In this way he can use the guise of the Samurai to sneak up on other enemies as they think he is one of them. This power only works on the weakest Samurai and so Hiro cannot control the Samurai Captains, large Samurai or any of the stronger red Samurai types. Sneaking up on the other Samurai can be slightly difficult as possessing a Samurai in a group will cause the others to attack. The best strategy is to run away from the Samurai groups and camps until the enemy music stops and then return. The other Samurai will not recognize Hiro unless he begins attacking or gets too close to some of them.

Unlike when Hiro possesses an animal, in the guise of a Samurai, Hiro can save the game and if Hiro cancels the Spirit form power the Samurai will instantly be destroyed.


The Samurai usually wear armor similar to real life samurai. They most often have a blue or red color scheme, the red being more intelligent and strong, both with gold trim. All have shining yellow eyes in place of their faces.

List of SamuraiEdit


  • In real-life, samurai were soldiers who fiercly protected their honor and followed a strict code known as bushido. In the game, they are decipted in an antagonistic and crude manner.
  • During the gameplay, the smaller Samurai communicate in loud incoherent noises and the Samurai Captains speak in bursts of angry Japanese. Yet in cutscenes with the Evil Samurai Warlord, the Samurai can clearly speak English.