Samurai Archers
Vital statistics
Gender male
Species Samurai
Affiliation Samurai
Status alive
Weapon of Choice Bow and Arrow
First Appearance Leaving Home
Samurai Archers are a variation of Samurai.


Mini NinjasEdit

The Archers were a variety of Samurai created by the Samurai Warlord to conquer the world. They are first encountered by Hiro at the entrance to the Jadestone Forest, where they are attacking The Village of the Brown Bear by burning down the huts. They appear several more times in the game, and eventually all are returned to forest creatures.

Mini Ninjas AdventuresEdit

Archers reappear in the Kinect-exclusive sequel Mini Ninjas Adventures.


Archers appear similar to Swordsmen, but carry a red flag decorated with the Warlord's crest and have a bow and arrow.
Mini-Ninjas-Impressions (1)


Archers use long-range fighting in combat. Their attacks range from regular arrows, to arrows on fire, to arrows with rockets attached to it. Like Swordsmen, they are embarassingly stupid. They sometimes go up onto stands or platforms where they are harder to engage in short-range combat yet they can be killed instantly if the wooden stands are knocked down by a few strikes of the ninjas' weapon. Shun can also attack the Archers with his bow from far away without them noticing him. When attacking a Samurai Camp it is advisory to kill the Archers first as they will relentlessly fire arrows on the ninjas and can be annoying when trying to defeat other enemies at the same time.

The ninjas can use their hat to block the Archers arrows or use a potion.

Later on in the game, Archers use flaming arrows and rockets arrows far more often. These arrows knock back the ninjas further and deal more damage than normal arrows.

Hiro can use his Spirit Form power towards the end of the game to possess the weaker blue Samurai Swordsmen and Archers. However, even if he possesses an Archer, he cannot use bows and arrows.


  • They can also use katanas for short-range combat.

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