Samurai Captians
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Mini Ninjas

Samurai Captains are a variation of Samurai. They are leaders of Samurai troops, and are one of the few varieties of Samurai able to speak.


Mini NinjasEdit

Samurai Captains were some of the first samurai to appear in the game. They are much smarter than the rest of their troops. They are, however, weak and cowardly, often running away and attacking awkwardly. They were returned to forest animal form after the Warlord is defeated. One Captain reported directly to the Samurai Warlord, but as the news was always bad, i.e. One of the bosses had been defeated, upon giving the news, the captain would be reduced to animal form.

Mini Ninjas AdventuresEdit

Captains return in Mini Ninjas Adventures.


Samurai Captains are twice the height of small Samurai. They wear square shoulder pads, a large chestplate, two pads of armor on their hips and two for the unprotected spaces. They have a slightly different shaped helmet than other Samurai, with two gold flaps that seem to open up where the face is. Their face has a golden frown crested on it. They carry a katana, although in the concept art, they used two.


=Mini NinjasEdit

Captains are the leaders of Samurai troops, often screaming angry bursts of Japanese and are smarter than the rest of their troops. However, they are not good fighters, often running away and hiding in fear. Sometimes they are seen patrolling with small groups of Samurai or giving orders. Yet, despite their cowardice in battle, they are smarter than most Samurai and will attack Hiro even if he uses his Camouflage power.

They can actually attack, but do it awkwardly and sporadically. How they attack is to turn around and swing their sword behind them. Only melee attackers will be hit by this last ditch attempt for the Samurai Captain to defend himself.

Mini Ninjas AdventuresEdit

Captains can attack in this game easily and do not run away. However, they appear to simply be stronger than Swordsmen, not nessecarily leaders.


  • Samurai Captains seem very unscared, but if their troops are lost, they will run away in fear, marking them as cowardly.
  • When a ninja is fighting their troops, they will generally not fight, but watch from a small distance away, crying out in anguish when a member of their troop is defeated.