Vital statistics
Gender Male
Species Tengu
Affiliation Themselves, Ninjas
Status Alive
Weapon of Choice Varies
First Appearance Ninja Mountain (Mini Ninjas)
The Tengu are a species of all male bird-like humanoids that appear in Mini Ninjas.

Character InformationEdit

Tengu are known to exist throughout the flatlands and treasure money above almost everything else. They have loyalty to the Ninja Master and often help the ninjas among their quest. The Tengu dislike cruelty, especially to animals. Besides the Ninja Village, they make their homes in shrines hidden from the rest of the world.

Tengu will often appear to tell Hiro or the other ninjas information about what has happened or what they should do. Sometimes Tengu will give Hiro a prize for giving them an item which is usually a flower or mushroom of some kind. The older Tengu reside in Temples and sell Hiro the recipes to potions or weapons such as smoke bombs.

The Tengu are by-standers most of the time, giving hints to the ninjas but never helping directly or attacking Samurai.


Tengu are slightly taller than humans, and have a black color scheme. Like birds, Tengu have wings, talons, and a long flat orange beak. Elder Tengu have white hair tied up in a ponytail and fu manchu. They all have a black stone tied on their forehead. Some Tengu wear checkered shirts.


Tengu have the ability to teleport, and judging by the fact they have wings, they probably can fly. Tengu have knowledge on how to brew potions, make bombs, and have an understanding of magic. Tengu are fairly skilled in combat, as they are used for training at the Ninja Village.


  • In Japanese mythology, Tengu are depicted as spirits of the mountains and forests, and are more often depicted with a very large nose and red complexion, although some depictions show them with bird heads and wings like they are seen in the game.