So this ninja is invincible is he? No! A new opponent shall be waiting for him. And with a blow of wind his journey will come to a smelly end! - The Samurai Warlord stating his plan to use Windy Pants.

Windy Pants

Weapon of Choice



Samurai, Night Castle

First Appearance

Mini Ninjas

Windy Pants was the the boss of the Night Castle. He is the second boss to be faced.


As Hiro gets closer to the main room of the Night Castle, he is able to hear and smell farting. When he finally gets to the room, he finds the source: Windy Pants.

Windy Pants uses his own flatutlence as a weapon, using his fan to guide the toxic stench towards Hiro in an attempt to suffocate Hiro. Hiro has to use this gas to get Windy Pants emersed in his own stench, then slash his backslide, finally jumping onto his head and slashing his face. After doing this once, Windy Pants will use his gas to keep Hiro from getting close, then use the flatlulence again to try and suffocate Hiro.

After being attacked a total of three times, Windy Pants begins to twitch violently and groan. Finally, he explodes, leaving behind only his fan and a horrible-smelling blast of gas. His defeat is reported to the Samurai Warlord.
Minininjas fartboss


Windy Pants was pear-shaped, and was one of two bosses to have a mustache. He was about six times Hiro's height and carried a red Japanese fan with the Samurai Warlord's crest on it.


Like his name suggested, Windy Pants farted heavily often. As a result, he used his own flatulence as a weapon, being able to direct it with his fan in order to suffocate his opponent. He also had the ability to create a blast of gas so strong that it would lift him off the ground.


  • Windy Pants can be heard groaning and farting all thought the Night Castle.